I provide on site or off site Expert Restoration with 35 years of experience for: Museums, Auction Houses, Antique Dealers, and Private. I do not restore Mass Produced Bronze Reproductions since they may contain Lead and Chromium.


Depending on the Age of the item, chances are I can get it cheaper than your quoted price especially if you are dealing with REPRODUCTIONS. Recently there has been a lot of Mass Produced Cheap Copies on the market which I DO NOT collect due to the fact that Reproductions lose their value faster than the Antiques gain their value. One should also be very cautious since there are numerous fake signatures floating around. I don't think Francois Linke ever had so much time to produce so much work. Do not be surprised if I tell you that even some "reputable" dealers may be involved in this practice.

Quality and Points of Origin

I will tell you the approximate age and point of origin of most items, whether old cast bronzes or newly Mass produced ones. Of course the Antiques are the one which keep their values especially the One of a Kind and Unique. Recently the retail market has been flooded with numerous Cheap Mass produced Copies from: Poland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, China, and India. Yes India. (Walmart? Not yet)

Most of these cheap reproduction bronzes do not contain a high percentage of Copper. All Low grade Reproduction "Bronze Castings" contain more: Zinc, Nickel, Bismuth, and Lead, (Yes, Lead). Not even Tin. Since these types of castings are not malleable they tend to Snap, shed chromium, and therefore are much harder to restore.

Quality of the Gold Plating is very important. The Antique items are either Mercury Gold Plated, Gold Plated, Lacquered, however, the Cheap Reproductions are Flash Plated over Chrome Plate. Yes Chromium, to give it the fake and glamorous Shine. After a short while these Cheap Reproductions start to leak a greenish color salt which contains acids.


When I guarantee any of my items to be Unique and One of a Kind, and NOT to bear a FAKE Signature. If proven otherwise, you will have 30 days from the date of the purchase to return the item in the same condition and get the purchase price back. Please contact us either by MalachiteArt@aol.com , WWW.MalachiteArt.com , or our phone number in New York ( 516 ) 810- 7103 Mike